Takeshi Nakajima – Bringing hand-dyed textiles into daily life with Hikizome

The world is a small place. You realise this even more so when someone on the other side of the world echoes your own point of view and shares the same struggles and questions.

Takeshi Nakajima comes from a background in Graphic Design but wanted to make something tangible by hand. Through trial and error, advice from craftspeople in Kyoto and technical books, Takeshi has achieved his own style of dyeing; brush dyeing that leaves the appeal and “imperfections” of hikizome (brush dyeing) visible.

As well as dyeing bespoke textiles noren curtains or upholstery in restaurants, Takeshi is also bridging the worlds of design and textiles through original wooden/fabric “C&A Stools” made in collaboration with designer Alotta.

Lots more to share but for now here’s some photos of Takeshi’s work.

See also Commonbridge

Instagram @takeshi.nakajima


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