TOKO>Aoki Satoko. Illustrative Imagination meets Hand-dyeing.

AokiSatoko_Toko (5)
Aoki Satoko, A.K.A Toko. In a shirt of her own creation and in front of her artwork

Last year, on a rainy October morning I had a wonderful time meeting up again with Satoko Aoki, a Dyer and Illustrator, who works under the artist name of Toko. We first met almost exactly 3 years earlier when we exhibited in a group show of six ‘up-and-coming-artists’ at the Somé Seiryukan Museum in Kyoto.

AokiSatoko_Toko (4)
A hidden creature in a hand-dyed woolen fabric piece

Originally from Hiroshima, Aoki-san has made Kyoto her new base and has been doing some really great work recently. I loved her work when I first saw it back in 2014, she has a real sense of playfulness to her imagery and often includes little hidden creatures.

Working in both dyeing and illustration, Aoki-san has even had some of her designs made into woven silk fabrics in the Nishijin district in Kyoto! They are such fine, soft and beautiful fabrics. What a wonderful opportunity as a Kyoto resident to see your hand-drawn designs brought to life in a woven textile!

AokiSatoko_Toko (3)
a TOKO design, turned into a Nishijin-woven silk fabric meterage.

I’ll be writing up a full piece on Aoki-san’s work soon. I can’t wait to show you the breadth of fun things she does – from designing parasols and shirts to collaborating with a sweets-maker to have her own designs in Wagashi!

For now, please check out her super cute website and keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

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